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I've installed Auto Tune as a VST on a PC to work with Sonar 4. I'm unable to bring up the plug in from the plug in menu. I have tried moving the .dll to a different folder. Also tried running the VST Adapter. Nada. Please advise. 

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Which version of Auto tune are you running and do you have the latest update?
The disc says "DVD version 2." I can't get a look at the application on my computer because it behaves as if it was never installed. I have all the fun stuff like the licensing and the manual. But no application. Anyway, the DVD says version 2. The computer is not hooked up to the net. I used the fun ilok key to download license from another computer. So I have not downloaded an update.
Which version of Auto Tune usually means what released version (Auto Tune 4, 5, or Evo). I would download the latest update from here:
It's auto tune efx. The computer is not hooked up to the net, so can I download the update to a memory stick and transfer it? Would like an idea ahed of time if that will work.
Yes, that should work.
This did not work. I downloaded the Auto-Tune EFX v1.0.2.2 installer. Transferred to other computer. Ran it and got an error message. The installer advised me to restart, so I did. Now, again, I have the EFX folder with the license, the manual, the read me doc, the auth wizard, but no program, and the program is not selectable as a plug in in Sonar. Please advise next step.
What was the error message?
Sorry, didn't make a note of it. However I uninstalled the whole thing and reinstalled with the update and no error message, but same result, the program is not available. Please advise next step.
Make sure your plug-in directory is pointing to where your Antares plug-ins were installed.


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