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I have been a happy A-T5 user with Cubase for some time now. But, I've upgraded to Cubase 5 and now A-T5 doesn't show up in my plugins and is black listed everytime I load Cubase 5.

I've tried the suggestions that are listed (for EVO) here:
with no luck.
The A-T5 version is: Auto-Tune_5_VST_PC_v5.09.exe

I can see and use A-T5 in Cubase SX 3.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Or has A-T5 working in Cubase 5?


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Running on Win XP, BTW...
Another reply to self.
(Don't you love folks who talk to themselves?)

OK, I fixed it. Trolling though pages of 'hints', I found the following on one of the Cubase forums:
->8. After you receive the successful authorization message, please check the ->Windows/System32 folder on your system drive to make certain that the following Microsoft ->Runtime files are installed:

These were NOT in my WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 even though I ran the steps in the above mentioned link (which were to install the MS Runtime C++ files)

BTW, even though Steinberg has competing technologies in Cubase 5, I am still partial to A-T5.

Welcome to the board, Doug. Glad you got things working and thanks for the updates.


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