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I am using a Mac Pro 8 core with DP7.24 and I just upgraded to Auto-Tune 7. I was able to get my ilok authorized (as far as I can tell), but I still can't seem to get the AU plugin working in my session. Please give me Any advise You might have?


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By The Way... The plug in is available in my session but if I choose it on a insert it won't open up with any of the parameters. It exists but it won't function.

What version of Auto-Tune 7 did you install?  Since you are using DP 7.24 (which is 32 bit only), you must use the 32 bit AU version of Auto-Tune 7.  If there is a chance that you did install the 64 bit version, you will need to remove this from your MAC and install Auto-Tune 7 (32 bit AU version 7.1.2). 

Here is how you remove Auto-Tune 7.6.7 (64 bit version) from your MAC:

1.) Go to:  MacHD/Applications/Antares Audio Technologies

Please remove the "Auto-Tune+Time AU" folder in here by dragging this to the "Trash" on your MAC.

2.) Go to: MacHD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components

Here you should find Auto-Tune 7 and all of your other AU plug-ins. The Auto-Tune 7 file looks like this:
Please drag the "Auto-Tune+Time_AU.component" file to the "Trash" on your MAC.

3.) Empty your "Trash."

4.) At this point, I would recommend restarting your MAC.

5.) Please open and run DP to make sure that everything runs ok without any Auto-Tune 7 installed on your computer.

6.)  Close DP.

7.) Please visit the following page and download Auto-Tune 7.1.2 AU version for MAC (32 bit version).

8.) Once downloaded, please double-click on the installer and complete the installation.

9.) You should now be able to open Auto-Tune 7 in DP 7 without any issues.

Thank You much for your help.

Do I need to Authorize my ilok again because of the different version I need?

Also, will these swap out for free with my recent upgrade purchase?

It does not appear to adobe audition


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