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SONAR 8.5, Vista, 64-bit. 

I am able to use "Harmony Engine" fine as an "audio effect" put directly on the vocal track and it generates its harmonies successfully via the "Default" or various other presets. 

However, when I read up on sending midi to it and went back into Plugin Manager to reconfigure it as a VST synth, I can't get it to "stay" and appear in the list of synths.  I check the "Configure as synth" box and move it to the layout, it appears, I save the layout, I close the Plugin Manager window.  Rescan.  I then go back to my track to load this "synth" on my vocal track--and it's not in the list.  Sure enough when I go back to Plugin's not there!! 

I have successfully reconfigured various other effects as VST synths so that I could direct a midi track at them--I've never had this happen before.  Anyone know why it won't "take"?

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As soon as you check the "Configure as Synth" box and hit OK, Harmony EFX should immediately pop over to the VSTi section of the plugin manager.  All that stuff about saving the layout isn't necessary, so try skipping it.  It may simply be that configuring as synth and updating a custom layout have to be done in two separate steps.



It moves to the VSTi section of the plugin manager.  You can save it there.  Looks good.


But then...when you go back to your track to actually insert it as a synth--it's not there.  Tried over and over and over again.

It sounds like it's not able to update the plugin cache file.  Are you logged in as a different user than the one that installed Sonar?  If you're logged in as a different user, you might not have the proper permissions set to modify the settings file.  

Also, there should be a button in the Sonar options under VST setting that says "reset all plugins".  (I'm looking at Sonar X1, so it might be in a different spot for 8.5.)  Hit that, and then hit the "scan plugins" button.  That should clear everything out of the plugin cache and rebuild it, which would get rid of anything that may have gone screwy with that cache.

Ok, I'll try that.


I'm "legit" on all of my music software.  :-)


I'll do the rescan.  Thanks for weighing in.

Well, I tried that and same problem.  This is the strangest thing I've ever seen.


I rescanned everything.  Watched it scan and accept Harmony Engine (and all of the other AVOX plugins I have).


Configured as VSTi--it shows up in my list of VSTis IN PLUGIN MANAGER.  But immediately upon going back to the SONAR program itself and trying to insert a VSTi--it's not there.  Tried over and over and over and over and over again.  Back into Plugin Manager and it's still listed there as a VSTi.  EVERYTHING ELSE ON THE MENU shows in SONAR--except Harmony Engine.


HE still works fine as an audio effect AND SHOWS UP IN THE MENU!!!


So how do I get it to work?


P.S.  No there are no issues of permission--I'm the only one that has ever used this computer.

I wrote to Tech Support about this continuing issue on Monday and have heard nothing back.


Should I be concerned?

Just a little postscript:  Got a terse message from Support, saying it must be SONAR's fault.


To avoid hassle, I just bought the Evo upgrade.


Three hours later, and I'm still not able to use Antares software due to iLok problems.  (And yes, I hold Antares responsible for their decision to use iLok--don't you?)


Very unpleasant experience.

Just installed the trial version (SONAR PE 5, Win7 32-bit system) and am having the same issue exactly as you described it. Can use the Harmony plug-in as an audio effect but it won't register as a synth even though I checked that option (again and again) in the plugin manager.

I've spent a lot of time googling and experimenting to get it to work as a synth, since that's the main reason I wanted it—to use it with MIDI triggers. No luck. The trial period is only 10 days, and it looks like I'm going to be spending that time trying to figure this out and never get a chance to actually use it.

I just picked this up a couple of weeks ago for $49--I see that it's up to $99 again, but might be something to look at:

Hey Jerry—So I'm assuming you never did get the Harmony Engine to work? At first I thought it was that maybe my version of SONAR (version 5) wasn't compatible (the system specs listed SONAR 7-8 minimum), but I see you're having this issue with SONAR 8.5. Besides, using the plugin as an audio effect works as expected.

Thanks for the Vielklang link, BTW. I checked it out and it looks great. What do you think of it? I'm glad I didn't take the chance of purchasing the Harmony Engine outright without trying it first. Looks like you didn't get much help from Tech Support after having spent the $$$. Good to know.

No, I never did get it to work the way we wanted--using MIDI to trigger the harmony lines.  And to tell the truth, I haven't used the Vielklang yet.

I'm just a "hobbyist" and haven't been putting a lot of time into things.  Having tried these various "harmony" products though, by far the best thing is Melodyne.  You may really want to look into that.


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